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Veggie News & Updates

The Vegan Society – United Kingdom

August 21st, 2016|0 Comments

The Vegan Society website is another great vegan resource.  They were founded in November 1944.  Read about being vegan from a United Kingdom perspective.

Planning A Trip To Hawaii

August 21st, 2016|0 Comments

I you are planning a trip to Hawaii, use the Vegetarian Society of Hawaii for vegan/vegetarian ideas. Even if you are not visiting Hawaii, it's a great vegan/vegetarian educational website.

Are You Headed to Austin, Texas?

August 21st, 2016|0 Comments

If you are headed to Austin, Texas you need to visit the Red Hot Vegans website.  They provide great Austin, Texas vegan dining information.

FWVS Mission

Our mission is to educate local communities about the benefits of vegetarian and vegan lifestyles.  We communicate and educate via the internet, videos, speakers, and social events.

Do you want to help support the FWVS mission?  Do you have a special talent? Become a FWVS volunteer.  Call or send an email to FWVS via the Contact Page.

Connect & Share

“Connect & Share” means networking with similar organizations throughout the DFW area, Texas, USA, and the world.  Via the RESOURCES page you will be connected additional information resources.  We need to ensure information is accurate.  Let’s work together.  Notify FWVS and other organizations about website errors via the Contact Page.

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Do you want to improve the environment? Adopting a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle saves energy, conserves water, and reduces pollution.  Simple changes to our diets can have a profound impact to improve our environment.   Let’s work together, look to the future and see what we can do.

Save the planet become a vegan!

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